Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

CCRMD Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday 05/12/18 10:00 A.M.

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Present were: Deacon Werner Rose, Monsignor Al Kirk, Deacon Robert Walker, Melanie Miles, Helen Lenahan, Mike Lenahan, Delia Chapa, Elias Temaj, Noe Lopez, Daisy Roman, Carlene Inzer, William Vautrot

Deacon Werner Rose opened the Advisory Board Meeting with prayer. He also read a verse from the Bible.

Deacon Werner Rose apologized for not getting the meeting minutes out sooner and said in the future we would have better availability of the minutes. He then asked if the secretary received the signup sheet for the last meeting. He was advised yes and the minutes will be updated. Next, he summarized by bullet items the minutes of the February meeting as follows:

(4/4) Deacon Werner Rose  covered Deacon Robert Walker’s talk – the gist of his perception of what the CCR should be including, where it’s been and where it’s at now and where it’s progressing to. He said it was great background and we can possibly enlist Deacon Robert Walker’s help to better understand and to question where we need to proceed to. He is on our team as a Member at Large.

Helen Lenahan, who attended the meeting by speaker phone because she was sick, reviewed the January Life in the Spirit Seminar and what the Renewal is to be about.

Deacon Alexander gave a talk on the Flame of Love. We need to get a greater sense of a plan to move forward with the Renewal and the Flame of Love. We will have more discussion on it later.

(7/7) Deacon Werner Rose asked for a Plan of Engagement with Deacon Walker and Deacon Norman Alexander. He will follow up with them.

We then viewed the DVD from Michelle Moran entitled “New Wine, New Wine Skins”.

(9/9) Next was a working lunch at the previous meeting on 02/17/18. We covered several topics including approval of the minutes from the 10/04/17 meeting, Treasurer’s report, Presentation of Mission Statement, Position Descriptions/Vacancies and discussion of the Assoc. of Diocesan Liaisons Conference April 9-13, 2018.

(10/1) During discussion what surfaced was to respect the Priests and Deacons and to help with Parish Life, etc. It was also requested we pray for the work of the Renewal during Adoration time.  It was expressed we need to teach in English and Spanish.

(11/2) We need to develop a strategy on how to present information we receive to Pastors, Parishes, and individuals so an educational effort is going on in order to get the word out and rid rumors on what are the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how are they to be exercised.

Deacon Werner Rose requested Deacon Robert Walker and Deacon Norman Alexander to get with him  and come up with an action plan as Monsignor Kirk suggested, to provide Prayer Groups with training in the Gifts of the Spirit and how to integrate them into our daily life and on the Flame of Love Devotion.

(12/4) Under the section: Business Meeting Deacon Werner Rose noted we had discussed position descriptions. He asked about the position of Hispanic Liaison. Noe Lopez from the OLS Prayer Group explained that they already were too busy and now some of their prayer group members are leaving. There are more needs to meet than people to assist, so no one has volunteered for the position yet. Elias Temaj of St. John’s Prayer Group said they are still working on it. It was noted there was no one from St. Michael’s Prayer group who accepted the position. Deacon Werner Rose said we will wait but it is vital that someone take this up.

(15/6) Sharon Reiter noted today that she did receive from Susana Fajardo the Formation Plan being used by the Prayer Group at OLS.

(16/7) There are 16 items he said that need to be addressed and most come under the Programs and Publicity Group. He asked the Secretary to publish as soon as we can.

Reports from Committee Chairs:

Treasury Report: William Vautrot noted that the balance was $4,376.84. The last check was given at the last meeting to Deacon Werner Rose to reimburse him for $50 spent on a gift card at Amerigo restaurant to thank Deacon Walt Bolton for his service to the CCRMD.  No more checks were written since then. Helen Lenahan asked if any money was paid out for the ADL trip to Oregon for the Diocesan Liaison and assistant diocesan Liaison. Deacon Werner Rose let her know that although at the last meeting there had been a commitment to pay part of the costs, none had been paid and that he and Sharon Reiter had agreed that they would not ask for reimbursement.

Deacon Werner Rose noted that in regards to paying for the Hispanic Liaison they bungled the wording and there was a disconnect. It was found that the meeting which Nafy was considering going to was not the same organization as the Diocesan Leadership ADL Conference. So as a result to clarify to the Hispanic Group, they offered to pay part of the costs.

(19/2) Deacon Werner Rose had a private conversation with Nafy and one other. He admitted they misunderstood but will pay part of the costs as there was a disconnect. Now, Deacon Werner Rose found out that no one attended the Hispanic conference as far as he knows but willing to pay partial.  Sharon Reiter noted Nafy did not go. Deacon Werner Rose asked did anyone go. Representatives from St. John’s Prayer Group and OLS Prayer Group said no, no one went.

Mike Lenahan said we need to address the Hispanic Community’s needs. We can use part of the CCRMD funds to support them. He asked if there are any restrictions from the Diocese. Deacon Werner Rose said no. Mike Lenahan said we are not funded by the Diocese but by our own efforts. He felt that some of the conversation was indicating that the Bishop was saying we can’t use the funds for this. Deacon Werner Rose said no, the CCR is under the Diocesan Liaison who is under the Local Ordinary.  Mike Lenahan asked is the Bishop restricting the training of the Hispanics. Deacon Werner Rose said no. He noted this is a transitional period so we have our own checking account. We can also have only one conference per year. Parish Prayer Groups need to help with the funding of the CCR.

Mike Lenahan said we have limited funding and he understood the points Deacon Werner Rose had made, but we have the ability on a Parish level to help the Prayer Groups and support the groups from the overall Charismatic Community in finance and attendance and helping grow with speakers, etc. and this will help the communities and the CCR. We must look at how we can best assist each group. He said St. Mary and the Hispanic Groups need the most help.

The meeting now proceeded with the agenda.

Program Chair Prayer Group Report:  Helen and Mike Lenahan

OLS Prayer Group Report:

(22/5) Helen Lenahan said it is a lovely family oriented Prayer Group. It is very welcoming. There are programs for Adults, Middle school and Pre-K. Adult Coordinators work with the children. Tiburcio leads the adults in reflection and on the works of the Lord. The band is wonderful. She enjoyed the praise and worship. Before the meeting she and Mike spent time with Tiburcio and the Leadership Team. She noted that during the prayer meeting very few people have prayer languages, maybe 12. There is Prophecy once in a while. They have gifts of Hospitality and substantial unity. However, Helen thinks the group feels abandoned.

Deacon Werner Rose asked for a recommendation with which to follow up.

(23/1) Recommendation: Helen Lenahan – A great deal of teaching is needed. They need more priests, more teaching and the Catechetical needs are definitely not being met. They need to be reached with an effort to bring more people into the CCR. Helen said there is a Catechetical need on what is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Mr. Noe from OLS said they need teaching for the little children.  The older people speak Spanish and the kids speak English. Susana said the kids speak in English so maybe we (the Board) can talk with them. The kids do crafts. Mr. Noe said he is taking back info from the Advisory Board Meeting and incorporating it in teaching his Prayer Group where he can.

Recommendation: Helen Lenahan went on to say Adults need Catechesis, Teenagers need Theology of the Body for Teens, and Kids need Vacation Bible School. Once confirmed the teens could join the adult prayer group.


St. Michael Prayer Group Report:

Helen Lenahan said Father Cruz won’t allow the group to pray in tongues or lay hands on anyone. They are continuing to meet as a prayer group because they want to remain at St. Michael’s, so they are being obedient to their Priest.

Deacon Werner Rose asked why did Father Cruz made this decision. Helen said Father Cruz had a bad experience in the past. She heard that Father Ben Bradshaw will be the new Pastor at St. Michaels Church. Once he is there for a while, the Leadership could meet with him and talk about the Prayer Group and tell him what they want to do.

Recommendation:  Helen Lenahan said Nafy told her in the October meeting they have got to have teaching on the Charisms.

Deacon Werner Rose said make a bullet point to meet with Father Ben Bradshaw in the summer. Helen said she would be willing to meet with Father Ben Bradshaw. She said both groups are very hungry and have strong faith.


St. John’s Prayer Group Report:

Helen Lenahan said they visited on April 26, 2018. They need and want more on the Charisms. They were very kind and loving. They did a teaching on prophecy and many came into the gift. There were 14 or 15 in attendance who were very receptive. Five or six have a prayer language. There was a wonderful transformation. Some rested in the Spirit. Mike said they still need to visit with St. John’s Prayer group and need a translator.

Recommendation: Need Catechesis, Catechesis, Catechesis.

(35/5) St. Louis Prayer Group Report:

Mike Lenahan said he went to the St. Louis Prayer Group on 04/29/18.

(31/1) He said the Prayer Group is struggling to survive. Deacon Norman was there as he had given a speech on the Flame of Love to the earlier Hispanic Prayer Group in the same meeting room.  He said Carlene came first but no one else was there until approximately 20 minutes later when there were 7-8 people.  Father Michael from St. Louis was one of them.  Mike said Valera Faison and Diane Ackerman only attend occasionally.  There were others who used to attend like Deacon Walt Bolton and Bill Vautrot, but they were not there. There was Praise and Worship but with no music. Some Praise and Worship occurred at the end of the meeting. A lady from St. Michael asked for prayer. They prayed for her.

(35/5) Recommendation:  Follow a formal meeting plan.  Should there be an interruption, the Leader needs to advise getting back to format. Teach the gifts and in Praise and Worship have music whether it’s a CD player, etc. since there was no help with the song.

OLPH Prayer Group Report:

Helen Lenahan said they meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday and the fifth Tuesday this month. They regularly have 15-17 in attendance. Some people are also in Cursillo and want to move class to TH. They have Praise and Worship each week. There is Prophecy, Teaching and Words of Knowledge every week. They pray over people and want to do more. All witnessed Dr. Mary Healey’s live stream event on healing 30 people came to it. Father Mathew approves of the group.

(37/7) Dennis Holt will be back on June 23, 2018 to do a teaching. Deacon Werner Rose said perhaps we can get a Spanish Translator. Helen says it breaks the flow.  But, anything can give in English and then translate will be helpful.

(38/8) Helen went on to note she had brought a folder, which she handed to a representative of each Prayer Group. It has information on Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Prophecy, the Gift of Tongues, Praise and Worship, teaching on Charisms, and teaching information from Father DeGrandis and Dorothy DeGrandis.  Recommendation: None given

(40/2) To include item (50/3)] Deacon Werner Rose said he mentioned previously about figuring out when Deacon Bob Walker could go to the English Prayer Groups and teach and an action plan on teaching to the Spanish Prayer groups but this was not done yet.

(41/3) Second, Deacon Werner Rose noted he and Monsignor Kirk are willing to meet with Father Bradshaw and pray for him and Father Cruz and discuss the St. Michael Prayer Group. Helen Lenahan also said she would be willing to meet with Father Bradshaw.

(42/4) Deacon Werner noted we need translator volunteers now to take action.

(43/5) Mike Lenahan said the Liaison and Assistant Liaison need to be more present at the Prayer Groups, to go meet the people so they know we are concerned and active with them. He said he knows Sharon Reiter is in Jackson Deanery but still needs to make the effort. He said OLS Prayer Group feels abandoned by the priests. So, we need to make regular attendance to the Prayer Groups a priority.

Deacon Werner Rose said he understands but people have challenges, and we all need to walk together. He said we will work together. Deacon Werner said the idea is we operate in understanding and compassion and so move together. Mike said he agrees but people are looking and observing and they are telling them (Mike and Helen) what their frustrations are about the Advisory Board and he felt he should tell the board.

(45/7) Deacon Werner Rose said the Advisory Board should teach and show as a role model and count positives. We all have gifts and personalities. If we are a good witness, we must display this ability with one another. Mike said he agrees, but it is difficult when they hear repeatedly the same thing. He said he is not being negative, but felt must share this and work together. Deacon Werner Rose said he notes his concerns. Sharon Reiter said she appreciates him giving us things to think about.

Deacon Werner noted Bill Vautrot accepted Secretary/Treasurer. Publicity would be Mike Lenahan. Webmaster would be Jim Sdoia.

(47/9) Helen Lenahan noted that when she went to the Diocesan Website at in the area identified as Spiritual, the link to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal had been taken down. In addition on our website (CCRMD), there were several prayer groups listed that should not be there. An example is Jean Carr’s Prayer Group which is not Charismatic, a Bible study group and the Philippine Prayer Group at Church of the Nativity. Deacon Werner Rose noted he saw this and the incorrect Mission Statement. Deacon Werner Rose noted that our Webmaster Jim Sdoia is not wish to be on the Board and but is willing to volunteer as webmaster. Helen noted if someone goes to one of the prayer groups she mentioned based on the information on the website seeking a Charismatic Prayer Group they will be going to a non-Charismatic Prayer Group. Deacon Werner Rose noted we are working with what we have. If anyone has a suggestion, make it known. If anyone wants to help, let him know. He noted if you have any info on Renewal events, let Jim Sdoia know.

Deacon Werner Rose let us know the members at Large are Monsignor Kirk and Deacon Bob Walker.

**(50/3) [To be combined with (40/2)] Monsignor Kirk said the decision last time was to make sure we carry out the teaching for the Prayer Groups. Deacon Bob Walker’s summary of the history of the Renewal to the English Prayer Groups and see if we can make it to the Spanish Prayer Groups. Deacon Bob Walker said it could be a series of teachings to the Prayer Group.

Helen Lenahan said perhaps 20-30 minute teaching. Deacon Werner said to set one up. Helen noted they are having Mr. Dennis Holt come to talk to their Prayer Group in June. She left July open for people to go to the Little Rock, Arkansas Conference. She noted if you haven’t seen the movie “Fearless” you must see it it’s the Renewal. In August she planned to show the Fearless movie to her group. Then if they like it, she will set up a Saturday gathering.

(52/5) Deacon Werner Rose asked Carlene Inzer when Deacon Bob Walker could come to her group and teach. She said anytime. Deacon Werner Rose asked Carlene to get with Deacon Bob Walker and see when it was possible for him to come and teach.

(53/6) Deacon Werner Rose asked Sharon Reiter would she agree for Monsignor Kirk and Deacon Bob Walker come to St. Mary’s Prayer Group in the Jackson Deanery and teach. She agreed to it.

(54/7) Deacon Werner Rose and Sharon Reiter shared their ADL Convocation experience.  ICCRS President Jim Murphy was the featured speaker.  He presented a paper called “Do Not Fear.”  Sharon Reiter wanted to share the paper with Council members.  But she learned that the paper that was emailed to her and to Deacon Werner Rose is proprietary and cannot be disseminated, which is what she had planned to do.  So she will make a summary of it, and email it to the Council members.

(55/8) Deacon Werner Rose briefed us on what is happening in the Charismatic Community.  Jim Murphy described the new organizational structure of the Renewal that Pope Francis desires for us. ICCRS and the Catholic Confraternity will come under one umbrella called Catholic Charismatic International Service (CHARIS).  It will be a part of a new dicastery called Laity, Family and Life headed by Cardinal Kevin Farrell of Dallas, Texas.  Being placed within a dicastery is an unprecedented elevation for the Renewal.  It  increases its importance within the Church and will bring to the attention of our Bishops and Archbishops the work of the Holy Spirit in our time. The inauguration of these changes is slated for Pentecost,  June 9, 2019.

(56/9 Mike Lenahan asked Deacon Werner Rose if had he has passed this information to the Bishop yet. He said not yet as he had been unable to reach him. Mike said maybe he could ask Monsignor Kirk to reach out to the Bishop. Deacon Werner Rose said he had reached out to the Vicar General Monsignor Machado. Mike said perhaps Monsignor Kirk and Deacon Werner Rose could reach out to meet with Monsignor Machado. Deacon Werner Rose said he will reach out to Monsignor Machado and look at how best to do that.


(57/1) Deacon Werner Rose said Sharon Reiter and he met with Father Mickey. They discussed the background of the Renewal. They discussed Charisms, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Survey Results, Flame of Love, Organization, Positive Description of Prayer Groups, Annual Diocesan Liaison (ADL) Conference 02/07/18. He is supposed to take this information to the Bishop.


(61/5) Deacon Werner Rose noted we must still work on our Constitution and Bylaws. It must be done in articles and there are 10 or 11 articles identified. William Vautrot volunteered to assist as well as Sharon Reiter to develop the by-laws. Deacon Werner said he wants to work one step at a time on these. It is a work in progress.

(62/6) Helen Lenahan voiced that as many as possible need to go to the Little Rock July Conference. William Vautrot agreed to get the meeting minutes out within 10 days.

The next advisory Board meeting was set for August 11, 2018 from 10-12 A.M.

Cards were presented to be signed for various birthdays Including Bishop Steib’s and for those who were ill. Novena for Pentecost Prayer Cards were given to all attendees.

Deacon Werner Rose read out a card the Bishop has sent to Carlene thanking her for the card she sent to him on behalf of the Advisory Board and for their thoughtfulness upon the death of his brother.

Meeting concluded by a blessing from Monsignor Kirk.

Melanie Miles asked for prayer for her family as going through spiritual warfare. We prayed for them.