About the Charismatic Renewal

“The Catholic Charismatic Renewal invites all people to experience the Holy Spirit who opens us to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Love of the Father.   The Holy Spirit empowers us for personal holiness, renewed Catholic life, and evangelization.”
[National Service Committee (NSC) Vision Statement]

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a gift of the Lord to the Church in our day.   On a personal level, it is a renewal of the gifts and graces received in Baptism and Confirmation.   It is  a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and empowerment to witness, to live Jesus, to live community, and to reach out to others with charisms for evangelization and service.

Bert Ghezzi comments in his new book, LIVING THE SACRAMENTS: GRACE INTO ACTION, “In Confirmation the Holy Spirit comes to foster our spiritual growth and advance us to maturity in Christ.   He wants to work for us, and all we must do to engage His power is simply to ask.   Every day we can tell Him in our own words that we want Him to release fully in us all the graces and gifts of the sacrament.”